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About the firm

Studio Cartella was founded by Marco and Gabriele Cartella in 1946. Massimo Cartella and Carlo A. Manzoni have been joint heads of the firm since 1985.

The firm specializes in private law, with particular expertise in the law of intellectual property, corporate, business and employment law and privacy.

We offer all our clients, Italian or international:

  • Consulting services,
  • Expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts, international and domestic,
  • Legal representation throughout legal proceedings before local or national Italian authorities, in national and international arbitration, and at all stages of EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), U.I.B.M.  (Italian Trademarks and Patent Office) proceedings, A.G.C.M. (Italian Antitrust Authority) proceedings in matters of false advertising and unfair business practices, IAP and A.G.Com. (Italian Communication Authority) proceedings in copyright matters, as well as throughout ADR proceedings.
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